Math and Music CDs and DVDs

Dave's math and music CDs and instructional DVDs are used in hundreds of schools across Canada, both as tools for the classroom and as a source of inspiration (not to mention a good share of laughs!) They will help your students/children learn the times tables, memorize and apply formulas, and will inspire class activities while providing moments of levity in your classroom or staff meeting.

  • Learning Times Tables
  • Finger Math
  • Math Facts
  • Hands-On Applications
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Proofs/Spoofs
  • Origami and Math
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Go Forth & Multiply CD

Math, Music & Mayhem CD

Math, Music & Mayhem - the Sequel CD


Can You Fold Under Pressure? - Origami & Math PART I DVD

Can You Fold Under Pressure? - Origami & Math PART II DVD

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