Presentations for Church Groups


My name is Dave Mitchell and I am a member and elder at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Kitchener, Ontario. (Please see the main menu of this web site for my biographical information.)You may be interested in two sessions which I have to offer. The first one is a musical comedy presentation which makes an ideal evening of entertainment for church audiences. The second is a unique, hands-on workshop for Sunday School teachers. Please see the descriptions below. Copies of evaluations are available upon request, click here to email me.

If you are interested in contacting references, feel free to email Reverend Kate Jordan, Dorothy Henderson, Reverend John Henderson, and Mary Lea Craig; they have seen my presentations and are happy to pass along their thoughts.


You may be interested in running a special weekend program which would include both an afternoon workshop and evening entertainment presentation.

The evening entertainment presentation could be set up as a fund raiser with a modest admission price being charged.



They Laughed When I Stood Up to Talk (Alternate Title: Laughter Life)


A collection of humorous songs and stories about life experience, gathered

over fifty some-odd years. Themes include childhood memories, high school romance,

parenting and patience, unsolicited mail/email/faxes, lotteries, education, health care and the absurdities or everyday life.

I didn't have to make any of this up. Life has been amazingly funny all on

its own!


Sunday School Special
( A Joyful Christian Education Workshop )


Make your Sunday School classes meaningful, memorable and fun! Come and share in the best of what I have found or created in over twenty years of teaching Bible stories and concepts ... songs, stories, puppetry, origami and more. These ideas can be adapted for use with children of all ages. Adults enjoy them too! If you don't experience major laughs at this workshop, it's because the world is ending!



Sunday School Materials


I have several items which I have developed for use with Sunday School classes. These booklets and CD's can be ordered by emailing me your request or by printing out an order form, completing it and mailing it to me. Materials are mailed to you with an invoice.


Click here to view descriptions of materials and order form.

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