AnDVD by Dave Mitchell

The first of two hour-long DVDs featuring ten spectacular
paper folding constructions with links to math, engineering and art...
(Part I is also available in booklet form.)

Included are:

1. Pentagonal Star (one cut) (Angles, Area, Ratio)
2. Self-Sealing/Mailing Envelope (Life Skill, Logic Problem)
3. Passing Through a Hole in a Piece of Paper (Topology)
4. Cut Diamond (Octagon Shape, Surface Area, Volume)
5. Equilateral Triangle/Circle Box (Circle Geometry, Area)
6. Bow Tie (Lines y = x, y = - x)
7. Rectangular Gift Box (Surface Area / Volume)
8. Ticket to Heaven (Dividing into Thirds)
9. Parabolic Arch (Parabolic Shape, Quadratic Regression)
10. Octagon Ring/Ninja Star ( Interlocking Components)

Step-by-step video instructions allow you to make these wonderful paper creations. Order online or send a cheque for $12 (or $10 if ordering the booklet) made payable to:

143 White Pine Cr.,
Waterloo, ON   N2V 1B3

Please specify that you would like to order a copy of the DVD (or booklet)
"Can You Fold Under Pressure? Part I"