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There are 5 booklets available: ( standard ), Junior, Integer-Logic Version (instructions included) and Go Figure. Each booklet contains 100 puzzles. In addition, the booklet, Can You Fold Under Pressure? ( origami and math ), is available, as well as the Can You Fold Under Pressure? Part I & Part II DVDs. The price per booklet is $10 and this includes tax and shipping. DVDs and CDs are $12 also with tax and shipping included. Order any booklet and you get permission to photocopy materials for the classes you teach. Order 3 or more booklets ( any combination ) and you get permission to have all the teachers in your department photocopy any of the materials in any of the booklets for use with their classes. In other words, a small investment goes a long way.

You can order online and the materials will be shipped to you FREE (within North America.)

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