Sample Retirement lyrics:

Congratulations on Your Retirement, Ken

When I was young, I always thought a Newton was a fig,
But then I found it was a man so good at doing trig,
And calculus and algebra and all math we once took,
When he ran out of problems he sat down to write a book.
He's led the Mathies at Grand River with his gentle way,
We've marvelled at what he gets done within each working day.
Yes, Ken has been a leader, always quite extraordinaire,
And in the process, all of us have whitened up his hair.

Think back on all those "Tairy Fales" and banjo-strumming tunes,
On Clyde and Cabarets , on all Septembers and all Junes.
The red, plaid Christmas jacket and the Twelve Days Christmas song,
Commencement table of awards as years have rolled along.
The County Math Awards Night, his idea and our gain,
Unbolt your wallets please for the United Way Campaign.
Think back on many thousand students, all touched by his care,
And each one knowing well there was a master teacher there.

Dear Ken, you do inspire, now you're ready to retire,
There is no person more revered within this teaching game.
Love and wishes we now sing and our gratitude we bring.
All present here induct you to the Teacher Hall of Fame.

This husband, father, grandpa has a long and varied list,
And now, he'll have some time to smell the roses if so wished.
At golfing and at fishing and at hockey he's a natch,
Try samples of his peanut brittle, it's a famous batch.
So Ken, keep active, yet relax and maybe take a nap,
'Cause for those deadlines and that paperwork, this is a wrap.
Dear Bev has waited all this while and very patiently,
Now she's attained the status of your main priority.


A Song For You  by Dave Mitchell and Heather Ferguson
      (Personalized Songs for Special Events)

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