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Dave Mitchell: Preamble, Descriptions of P.D. Sessions, Reviews, Bio, References

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You may be interested in this information if you are looking for an experienced speaker for your teachers' convention; one who can bring humor, motivation and great ideas to your event and one who consistently gets top ratings in evaluations submitted by participants. Repeat invitations are a good indication of the appeal of a speaker. Many convention program committees have invited Dave back two, three and even four times.

On the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention, Who's Hot 2000 list, Dave was ranked second out of 240 speakers. In March, 2004, one participant remarked in her evaluation, "I loved every second! This session made the whole convention worth coming to."

A recent evaluation: Mr. Mitchell was the keynote speaker and sessional presenter at a recent Teachers' Convention held on October 6th & 7th, 2011 at the Travelodge Hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Mr. Mitchell is a math teacher and effectively demonstrated that Math can be anything but boring if you follow his personal strategies and techniques to motivate and excite your students. The Teachers' Convention was held by Agency Chiefs Tribal Council of Northwest Saskatchewan. Mr. Mitchell was an absolutely outstanding keynote speaker and presenter. He not only did a 2 hour keynote address but participated in 6 different session presentations over the 2 day convention. Mr. Mitchell is a multi-talented presenter who held the audience on the edge of the their seats, and/or rolling in the aisles, for the entire 2 days. Mr. Mitchell's presentations were stimulating, energetic, humorous, inspiring, and memorable. He very effectively used music, puppetry, technology, and a natural gift of effective speaking to keep the teachers absolutely spellbound for the entire 2 days. At the conclusion of the Convention the 150 teachers in attendance rated Mr. Mitchell with a 5 out of 5 overall for his presentations. Over my 35 year tenure as a teacher/principal Mr. Mitchell is without a doubt the best speaker I have ever heard. I will remember his individual presentations, as well as his keynote address, as the highlights of my career.

Garry Viczko
Chairman, ACTC Convention

Dave has a humorous, motivational presentation which has been given as a keynote address at many conventions. In addition, Dave has a good number of unique, entertaining and idea-packed math-based presentations for teachers (grades 3 - 12) and one for parents. Titles are:

1. The Unbounded Joy of Teaching ( Keynote Address )
2. Math, Music and Mayhem ( There are Parts I and II to this presentation. )
3. Can You Fold Under Pressure? Origami and Math/Art ( Parts I and II )
4. What Would Picasso Say? Ruler and Compass Math Art ( Parts I and II )
5. The Amazing Math Rally
6. Stats Activities You Can Count On
7. Math Logic Games Spock Would Enjoy
8. Math Gems for Senior Students
9. Using MENSA Math and Contest Math to Build Confidence
10. YouTube (TeacherTube) - Unleash the Potential
11. Math Night - A Presentation for Parents and Students

Dave has been keynote speaker and math workshop presenter at numerous educational conventions in Canada and the United States. In recent times he has given presentations in Ontario, Alberta, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Over the years he has been a keynote speaker and/or presenter at the Central East Alberta Teachers' Convention in Edmonton, Alberta, the Northwest Teaching Convention in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Northeast Central Teachers' Convention also in Saskatoon, and the Western Ontario Mathematics Association Spring Conference in London, Ontario. Other appearances include Red Deer, Alberta and the Teacher Assistants' Convention in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Dave has spoken at the Calgary City Teachers' Convention (five times), Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention (three times), Palliser District Teachers' Convention (twice), North Central Teachers' Convention, Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention in Grande Prairie, Alberta (four times), Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators Convention (three times, including keynote at the 2003 Leadership Conference) and numerous other conventions in Ontario.
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Session Descriptions:

1. The Unbounded Joy of Teaching

Dave will talk and sing about how he managed to laugh through 30 years of classroom experience. Come and hear some of his best anecdotes, student excuses, staff blunders, jingles, puppet skits and live music videos. As we laugh together, he hopes to rekindle the passion you have for what you do.
( general audience - keynote style )

2. Math, Music and Mayhem

Math songs, rap, math commercials, stories, puzzles, math puppet skits, origami and lots of off-the-wall ideas to make your math class memorable, meaningful and fun. Even if you don't teach math you'll want to attend because many of the ideas are transferable. If you don't experience major laughs at this session, it's because the world is ending! 
( senior elementary, junior high school, high school )

3. Can You Fold Under Pressure? ( Origami and Math/Art )

Paper folding can be used in the classroom to promote an understanding of geometry and strengthen memory, while allowing students to have a tremendous amount of fun. Learn how to make several of the best paper wonders of the world. Math teachers and art teachers will enjoy the great ideas and the laughter at this session.
( senior elementary, junior high school, high school )

4. What Would Picasso Say? ( Ruler and Compass Math Art )

Parallel lines, angle bisectors, concentric circles and line segments are the raw materials used to create clever works of art. The links to geometry and visual art are magnificent. Be prepared for an artistic adventure! Math teachers and art teachers will enjoy the great ideas and the laughter at this session.
( elementary, junior high school, high school )

5. The Amazing Math Rally

Have your students turn any math topic into a math rally complete with a rollicking adventure through the streets of the imaginary town of Mathton. On rally day, teams exchange and evaluate each other's rallies. Learn how. Rev your engines and enjoy lots of laughter in the process.
( elementary, junior high school, high school )

6. Stats Activities You Can Count On

In this workshop you will learn about three engaging activities which help students feel comfortable with basic concepts in the topic of statistics ... constructing and applying a tally sheet, making projections based on sampling and calculating averages based on data collected. The ideas can easily be adapted for students in grades 5 - 10. Prepare to laugh and learn.
( senior elementary, junior high school, high school )

7. Math Logic Games Spock Would Enjoy

Some students lack confidence in their own ability to think and reason in a logical, mathematical manner. Learn several simple yet intriguing games which will help them improve their problem-solving skills. These games are easy to stage in the classroom in small groups or in tournament format. Be prepared to laugh and learn.  
( junior high school, high school )

8. Math Gems for Senior Students

In this session you will share in some of the valuable ideas, activities and resources that Dave found or created during his thirty years in the classroom. Acquire some unique insights into algebra, trigonometry, calculus and problem solving. Be prepared to laugh and learn.
( high school )

9. Using MENSA Math and Contest Math to Build Confidence

Learn how to help all students improve their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills (and thereby gain confidence) through the use of MENSA challenges and a progression of math contest questions. Be prepared to think and laugh out loud.
( junior high school, high school )

10. YouTube (TeacherTube) - Unleash the Potential

Imagine walking through the halls and hearing students enthusiastically discussing math ... or any subject, for that matter. Learn how to produce and upload videos which your students will create. Acquire this skill and then set some minds on fire!
( junior high school, high school )

11. Math Night - A Presentation for Parents and Students

As a parent hoping to encourage your children to enjoy math and be successful at math, you'll want to acquire some great strategies for arithmetic calculations, problem solving and memory retention. You will learn how to discover math in everyday situations and how to pass along positive math vibes to your children. Throughout this presentation, you'll enjoy some live musical performance and lots of laughter. Although you won't leave with all the answers, you'll have some amazing possibilities to investigate together. This is of special interest to parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles.
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(Dave also has special sessions for church groups. If you would like to know more about Dave's church presentations, click here.


Here is a brief list of direct quotes from evaluation sheets handed in after some of Dave's recent

- All four of Dave's presentations were superb! A wonderful combination of good strategies, good humor and energy. Super! Fantastic to have a presenter also model good teaching.

- Just what we needed! Outstanding! A+

- Dave Mitchell is an excellent presenter. This session or any other he presents should be offered every year. I walked away with a TON of ideas I can use on Monday. What a motivating speaker and motivating session!

- Facility was too small for all the people interested in attending this session. Speaker was fantastic. (Note: The room had 300 chairs but people were also standing at the back, in the aisles and sitting on the floor at the front.)

- Wonderful ideas. A most memorable session.

- Awesome instruction. Clear, concise, entertaining.

- Madame Dowdette was right. She told me this would be the best session at the convention! Very entertaining. Thank you! top of page


Dave Mitchell taught math for thirty years, ten of which he spent as Head of Math at Cameron Heights C.I. in Kitchener, Ontario. During that time he was honored at both local and provincial levels for excellence and innovation in teaching. Dave is now an educational publisher and professional development speaker at teachers' conferences in Canada and the United States. His ArithmeCode puzzles appear in a number of newspapers and he has created an extensive collection of booklets, CDs and DVDs which are used and enjoyed in hundreds of schools. His fifteen minutes of fame came when he played, sang and chatted on live national radio with Peter Gzowski in 1995. top of page

References Include:

Garry Viczko, Chairman, ACTC Convention 2011 - Please see Garry's evaluation in the Preamble above.

Marc Cheriyan - Marc was the Chairperson of the Northwest Teachers' Convention 2004 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He was present at Dave's keynote address and witnessed the response of the audience.
306-248-3602 (school number)

Karen Egge - Executive Director of the Northwest Regional Learning Consortium Karen was responsible for having Dave speak to parents and students in Grande Prairie, Alberta in 2003. Karen was present at this event has evaluations from the session entitled Laughing and Learning.

Sue Hessey - Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators (OAME) Sue arranged to have Dave give a keynote address at the OAME Leadership Conference 2003 in Mississauga, Ontario. Sue was present and has first-hand knowledge of the response to this address.

Colette Pedde - President of Central Alberta Teachers' Convention Association ( 2002 ). Colette was instrumental in bringing Dave to Red Deer for the 2002 convention. She was present at Dave's math-based session for parents in the community and has feedback from this session as well as Dave's keynote address and math-based session for teachers.

Rosemary Hunter - Former Consultant with the Welland Roman Catholic Separate School Board (now retired). Rosemary was responsible for bringing Dave to Niagara Falls to be keynote speaker at their MATHMAGIC P.D. day for elementary and secondary teachers in 1996.

Cathy Lynch - Math teacher in London, Ontario. Cathy arranged to have Dave be the featured speaker at the regional math conference in April of 1998 and April of 2004.

c/o Oakridge Secondary School
1040 Oxford St. W.
London, ON N6H 1V4

Connie Peters - Teacher in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Connie was on the program committee for the Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention in 2000.

Richard Clausi - Head of Mathematics
Elmira District Secondary School
tel: 519-669-5414
fax: 519-669-4881
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