Sample Wedding lyrics:

Congratulations Katie and Tom

We know that 1977 was a banner year,
It was back then that Katie and then Tom would both appear.
Joanne and Ken and Ralph and Nancy felt so very blest,
As watching these two grow up gave much cause for happiness.
At Laura Secord and South Lincoln, highschool would progress,
With music, skiing and a valedictory address.
Unknown to each other, true romance was soon to be,
As their paths were crossed at McMaster University.

A six-year courtship and much planning led them to today,
As at Grace Church we gathered to hear vows of love they'd say.
With Megan and with Chris attending, standing by their side,
We all were touched as we looked on with joyfulness and pride.
St. Catharines Golf Club now rings out with party atmosphere,
There's time for fun and dancing and for wishing them good cheer.
For Katie and for Tom we know the days will fly by soon,
'Til sunny shores of Cuba beckon them to honeymoon.

It's December 28 and a very special date,
Dear Katie and dear Tom, we're here to celebrate with you.
All our love we sing and say on this monumental day,
We wish much health and happiness and love in all you do.

The days and months and years ahead will see them teaching school,
It is a grand profession, quite rewarding as a rule.
Now Katie leads her grade one class, each student is so dear,
When Tom completes Canisius, may job prospects soon appear.
There will be time for various outdoor activities,
Like hiking, camping, don't forget the cycling, if you please.
The loft apartment living will undoubtedly be fun,
And like a famous song once said, "They've only just begun."


A Song For You  by Dave Mitchell and Heather Ferguson
      (Personalized Songs for Special Events)

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